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Power goes to teachers students and discipline Essay Example For Students

Force goes to instructors understudies and control Essay For in any event two decades discipline has been at or close to the highest prio...

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Power goes to teachers students and discipline Essay Example For Students

Force goes to instructors understudies and control Essay For in any event two decades discipline has been at or close to the highest priority on the rundown of open worries about our schools.1 Nor should this unexpected us; building up the blend of prescience, judgment, and poise that empowers (or maybe just comprises) discipline is a significant undertaking of adolescence. For whatever length of time that schools are places where part of a childs instruction happens, helping kids create order will be one of the issues that is, real assignments that schools face. Notwithstanding, when utilized in school-talk, discipline regularly is converted into terms of control and force, not advancement or training. Control is frequently, maybe generally, interchangeable with study hall the executives. This feeling of order as-control won't appear to be unusual to any individual who has perused Michel Foucault, particularly his Discipline and Punish.2 On his view, when we start discussing the issue of control, we are truly getting some information about the force relationships3 that exist inside schools. In particular, we ought to solicit what structure from power4 we face, for power is multi-faceted. Foucault dissects two types of intensity in detail: sovereign and disciplinary. So let us look at one by one. As Foucault depicts in the initial segment of Discipline and Punish, sovereign force is that structure communicated in unmistakable manners through specific and recognizable people. The hubs of this type of intensity are the ruler, the sovereign, and the specialists thereof. These people are noticeable operators of intensity, known by others and without anyone else to be such. Sovereign force is additionally exemplified by the irregularity with which it is worked out. It surveys charges, upholds the law by demanding punishments for infringement thereof, brings armed forces up in time of war, etc. However, every one of these situations where sovereign force flexes is discrete; it acts in light of a specific situation and through a particular and recognizable specialist or set of operators. At the point when sovereign force works, we realize that we have been followed up on, in what ways, and by whom. The supplement to this is the understanding that a large portion of ones life is outside the ability to control of the sovereign. It is progressively hard to find out the exact idea of disciplinary force since one of its distinctive highlights is the quickness and gentility with which it acts, consequently rendering it significantly less obvious than sovereign force. Quickly, we can state three contrasts: (1) sovereign force works through explicit obvious operators; disciplinary force is diffuse in its activity, originating from all over the place and following up on everybody; (2) in view of its perceivability, sovereign force is helpless to opposition, while disciplinary force, undetectable and all-inescapable, is hard to find, and in this way hard to oppose; and (3) while sovereign force influences just a little bit of a people life, disciplinary force influences for all intents and purposes all parts of living, exposing everybody to the chance of reconnaissance consistently. Above all else, the disciplinary society controls not through the immediate utilization of intensity by the sovereign or his specialist, however through an unoriginal and undetectable look. The productivity of disciplinary force is firmly identified with its imperceptibility contrasted and the obvious sovereign. For disciplinary capacity to be successful, it is the subject, not the force, which must be seen. This relationship of perceivability and imperceptibility is equal; for the subject to be taught, it must be obvious, in any event conceivably, to the disciplinary look, and realize that itself generally will be; simultaneously, the look should really be undetectable with the goal that it is compelling in any event, when it isn't really turned on a person. Its totalizing power lies exactly in its all inclusive probability, joined with the difficulty of unquestionable status. The subsequent preferred position picked up when the predominant type of intensity moved from sovereign to disciplinary outcomes from the key components of its viability: daintiness, speed, and nuance, which result in invisibility.5 This imperceptibility of disciplinary force makes opposition as well as rebel against it significantly more uncertain and more troublesome than was the situation with sovereign force. This is basically on the grounds that there is no single or obvious locus of disciplinary force against which to coordinate ones obstruction; disciplinary force is just everywhere.6 In one sense, this may appear to make opposition simpler there are such a large number of chances to stand up to. .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 , .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 .postImageUrl , .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 .focused content region { min-stature: 80px; position: relative; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 , .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673:hover , .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673:visited , .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673:active { border:0!important; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 { show: square; change: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-progress: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; darkness: 1; progress: haziness 250ms; webkit-progress: obscurity 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673:active , .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673:hover { mistiness: 1; change: murkiness 250ms; webkit-progress: murkiness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 .focused content territory { width: 100%; position: re lative; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 .ctaText { fringe base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: intense; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; text-design: underline; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; outskirt: none; fringe span: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; textual style weight: striking; line-tallness: 26px; moz-fringe range: 3px; text-adjust: focus; text-adornment: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-tallness: 80px; foundation: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/modules/intelly-related-posts/resources/pictures/straightforward arrow.png)no-rehash; position: total; right: 0; top: 0; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc5 51d2d612f673 .focused content { show: table; tallness: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .ua5ece038e14dd1925cc551d2d612f673:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Objections to the principal plan of Kant's Cate Essay But power .

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Conditions on Each Planet

Mercury : Due to mercury being incredibly near the sun, makes its planet have no environment. On the off chance that any air was ever around Mercury, it would have been inside its initial years and starting there to now, it is gone on account of the entirety of the warmth being radiated of the sun. Mercury has insane climate issues in view of the absence of environment, which incorporates an extreme climate change inside day to night. At whatever point the sun contacts the outside of Mercury, that is the point at which the atmosphere arrives at its highess at 801 degrees Fahrenheit in the day time. Due to the absence of climate in mercury, the Mercurial sky is dark and the stars can be found visible to everyone. The evening turns into an alternate circumstance, now it leaves it at a chilling atmosphere where it is - 300 degree Fahrenheit. Venus : Venus contains a brilliant thick air which is comprised of 97% carbon dioxide. Venus' weight at the surface is multiple times more grounded than on Earth. Its temperature goes to an outrageous consequence of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which mkes it the most blazing planet of all. Its environment is like this as a result of a solid volcanic movement during the past. Venus manages sulfuric corrosive downpour falls that originate from its whirling mists yet is gone before arriving at the ground. Earth: Earth has the most powerful climate in the nearby planetary group contrasted with the rest. The environment has changed a great deal contrasted with the Earth's initial climate, however throughout the previous billion years, it has stayed truly consistent. There are 3 altogether different environmental issues that is should have been kept close thoughtfulness regarding. The three barometrical issue are the nursery impact, harm to the ozone layer, and corrosive downpour. The earth is encircled by a cover of gases, this sweeping snares vitality in the environment, similarly as glass traps heat inside a nursery. This outcomes in a development of vitality, and the general warming of the environment. The nursery impact is a characteristic procedure which made life on Earth conceivable. Ozone is oxygen that contains particles that have 3 oxygen molecules. There is a layer of ozone high p in the environment which shields the Earth from the sun's hurtful UV beams, these beams can prompt an expansion in skin malignant growth. The ozone is available in little amounts yet it is sufficient to ingest the UV beams forestalling them arriving at the surface. Convergences of ozone gave off an impression of being dropping in specific territories of the world (the layer was beginning to disperse). The reason for this decrease was believed to be man-made. Downpour wate r is normally acidic because of carbon dioxide which halfway responds with water to give carbonic corrosive. Corrosive downpour is brought about by different gases discharged when petroleum derivatives are copied. Mars: Mars' environment made up of carbon dioxide, Venus' climate is substantially more than Mars. The temperatures on Mars ranges from 80 degrees to - 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Mars encounters seasons as well. There is dust storms that are as often as possible happening. Mars' climate, has mist and ice framing on the Red Planet in light of the water fume. Jupiter: Jupiter's air has mists which are striped with dim belts and light zones. High breezes and lightning are a customary element on Jupiter. Other little vortexes and whorls frame and disseminate in the cloud layers. The temperature on Jupiter is around - 234 degrees Fahrenheit in particular. Saturn: Like different gas mammoth planets, Saturn's air is for the most part hydrogen and helium. Saturn is a breezy planet, with 1,000 mile 60 minutes, winds work admirably of blending the climate and causing it to seem homogeneous through Earth based telescopes. Saturn's tilt makes seasons and lopsided temperatures on the planet. The highest point of the mists have a normal temperature of - 285 degrees Fahrenheit, with hotter temperatures more profound in. A stirring hexagonal cloud development has been spotted close to the North Pole and has persevered for a couple of decades at this point. Uranus: Uranus is not normal for different planets in that it is tipped on its side, and, fundamentally, moves along in its circle. At - 350 degrees Fahrenheit, its environmental conditions remain the equivalent for a long time at once (its year is 84 Earth years), until it encounters occasional changes, starting tempests in its air. Neptune: Neptune is the record holder for the windiest spot in the close planetary system. At around 1,250 miles for every hour, the breezes of Neptune makes it a blustery spot, confirms by a Great Dark Spot that is a mammoth typhoon like tempest, like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. The methane gas in the climate is the thing that causes the planet to seem blue. White tempests mists that hurdle over the planet are normal. Neptune's temperature midpoints - 373 degrees Fahrenheit. Pluto: Pluto holds the spot as the farest object in the close planetary system feom the sun. Pluto's good ways from the sun gives it a huge scope of temperature on its surface, its expressed as the coldest by all accounts. It is so cold on Pluto that an ordinary theromater can not express its briskness, researcher need to utilize a Kelvin scale. Utilizing Kelvin scale, Pluto's temperture is at 44 K which is roughly - 239 degrees. Its greatest scopes at 55 K ( - 218 F ) and at least 33 K ( - 240 F ). Pluto perhaps the coldest planent however surprisely, it has a hotter climate than the outside of the diminutive person planet. Its warm environment is from the nearness of unexceptly a lot of methane.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Writing an Essay - The Purpose For Which You Are Writing an Essay

Writing an Essay - The Purpose For Which You Are Writing an EssayOne of the most important parts of writing an essay is to clearly state the purpose for which you are writing the essay. This is usually accomplished by stating the topic at the beginning of the essay. In addition, you may want to state your topic in the conclusion.The purpose for which you are writing an essay may be either very general or very specific. The purpose for which you are writing an essay may also change from one paper to another. This is because the topic and the main points of the essay will change from one assignment to another.When you write a paper on a subject that you are familiar with and find the main point to be applicable to other things, then you can continue to broaden the topic of the essay. One way to do this is to take advantage of a first-hand experience or observation. If you start with a first-hand experience, this will make it easier for you to write your essay.Another important part of writing an essay is to indicate whether the essay is written as a research paper or a personal essay. This is a judgment call that should be made based on your needs as a reader. Do not use the fact that your topic is a research paper as an excuse to write a poor essay. You should also ensure that your essay is centered on a single idea or point.The essay is like a living breathing entity. You need to make sure that the essay is well researched and written in such a way that it flows smoothly and makes sense. When you feel that your essay is a complete piece of writing, then you have achieved the purpose for which you are writing the essay.It is best to stick to logic, common sense, and the principles of logic when writing an essay. Using emotion, false memories, or quotes is strictly forbidden. Statements should be direct and logical if you want to avoid any mishaps.In addition, one should use proper grammar in the essay. The usage of the wrong types of grammar such as capitalizati on and abbreviation should be avoided. If you take care of these points, then the essay will end up being well written and easy to read.The only way to ensure that your essay is correct is to ensure that you know how to properly use English. This means that you need to learn the different grammatical rules and how to use them correctly. Once you learn to use the rules of grammar properly, then you will be able to write the essay with ease.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Rhetorical Analysis Of Lucas s The Art Of Public Speaking

Lisa, head publisher of a rising publishing firm company. She starts her day by speaking to her publicity team on some new marketing strategies. Lisa then spends time on the phone talking with all of the editors she represents. At a lunch meeting Lisa talks to the executive board on a couple of manuscripts she has been championing. Would one think that Lisa is a public speaker? Most people would say no, but after reading Stephen Lucas the Art of Public Speaking, I have learned that Lisa is a public speaker and is using her public speaking skills to inform her coworkers. Chapter 15 is about speaking to inform an audience. Lucas begins this chapter with the types of informative speeches and some analysis and organization skills for each topic. There are many ways to classify an informative speech, Lucas breaks it down into four main topics: objects, processes, events, and concepts. Lucas begins this chapter by speaking on speeches about objects. Lucas defines an object as â€Å"Object s include anything that is visible, tangible, and stable to form. †¦ Here are examples of subjects for speeches about objects e-book readers, Susan B. Anthony, service dogs, titanium, human eye and Golden Gate Bridge† (Lucas, 2012, pg. 278.). Lucas reminds us that whatever subject a speaker will pick they must know that they will not be able to tell everything on the subject. To instead pick the most important ideas the speaker wants to get across and use those to develop a main point. Next Lucas showsShow MoreRelatedEssay on Written Speech Analysis - Sunni Brown- Doodlers, Unite!1288 Words   |  6 Pageswere successful or unsuccessful. Brown’s speech was delivered in a problem-solution structure as evidenced by her two main points; ‘the reality of Doodling’ and ‘the benefits of Doodling’. The â€Å"Problem-Solution Order† is defined in Lucas’ The Art of Public Speaking (2012, p. 172) as â€Å"A method of speech organisation in which the first main point deals with the existence of a problem and the second main point presents a solution to the problem†. As the speech progresses, it becomes quite clear thatRead MoreFactor Affecting Public Speaking Anxiety5792 Words   |  24 Pagesdo the task of speaking in public due to discomfort of being viewed upon by the classmates or the audience and does create inferiority in delivering a certain speech. Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone especially to students who are not used to speak in front of public because of fear to be criticized by others. Many would like to avoid this situation completely, but that is difficult to accomplish. Oral communication anxiety or commonly known as public speaking anxiety is oneRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesmanaging, organizing and reflecting on both formal and informal structures, and in this respect you will find this book timely, interesting and valuable. Peter Holdt Christensen, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark McAuley et al.’s book is thought-provoking, witty and highly relevant for understanding contemporary organizational dilemmas. The book engages in an imaginative way with a wealth of organizational concepts and theories as well as provides insightful examples from theRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesbuilt-in pretests and posttests, focus on what you need to learn and to review in order to succeed. Visit www.mymanagementlab.com to learn more. DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Portrayal Of Hispanic Community - 1772 Words

Findings For this article, it was important to be able to talk to professionals that have experienced dealing with the portrayal of Latinos, either personal or professional experiences. To gain a further understand the portrayal of Latinos in news and film, five subjects were interviewed about their opinion on the topic. Two of the subjects have a wide range of experience in journalism, as they have worked in media organizations for a long time. They both have similar ideas on the problem media has with reporting on Latinos. Two other subjects have great deal of experience in film and understand the struggles with misrepresentation of Latinos and ways to solve those problems. The last subject is a person that has experience with both film†¦show more content†¦All of those interviewed felt that the media does not do a good job at portraying the Latino community. They feel that a variety of times the media would use stereotypes that are not realistic to prove a point about the Latino c ommunity. Subjects one, three and four feel that Latinos are misrepresented in the media. They stated that it’s hard to find stories in which Latinos are shown in a positive light or, at times, reported on at all. Subject two feels that stereotypes are an important aspect in the portrayal of Latinos. She described the fact that when the Latino community is referenced in the media, it is associated with illegal immigration or criminals, which for her, hasn’t been the case at all. Subject five stated that she agreed with subject two and feels the reason why that is the case is due to politicians continual association of immigration with Latinos. All the subjects interviewed agreed that most of the stories they read about Latinos in the media deal with immigration. Subject one believes this is a problem and that the only way that the media can be taken seriously by the Latino community, is if they stop the constant stereotype of Latinos as illegal immigrants, which is onl y spotted in markets like Miami or Los Angeles. Subject five stated that the bad aspects about the LatinoShow MoreRelatedMale Latinos in the Media1038 Words   |  4 Pagescharacters tended to be the villains, Baugh explained. In those early portrayals, the privileged non-Latina woman was often lured into the sensual exoticism of a caddish Latino philanderer, Baugh continues (259). More recently, the author suggests, filmmakers have attempted to present Latino identities as less stereotypical characters. There are characters that would not likely be revered by the greater Latino community in the United States, but nonetheless Baugh believes filmmakers have triedRead MoreGendered Medi The Influence Of Media On Views Of Gender, By Julia T. Wood1405 Words   |  6 Pagesonly are Latinas negative portrayed, but when they are represented they play unimportant roles that have nothing to do with the plot. In order to increase the percentage of women in television, other groups of women should be equally represented. Portrayals of Latinas Latinas have been misrepresented in television for years, and not only are they misrepresented but they are barely seen portraying major characters. The Latino Media Gap conducted by Negrà ³n-Muntaner along with Chelsea Abbas, Luis FigueroaRead MoreThe Minorities Vs. Entertainment War868 Words   |  4 Pagesminorities (African Americans, Hispanics, Asian, etc.) to live the dream and be a part of the uncontrollable whirlwind of entertainment. However, in some cases, the media does not always shed the best limelight equally for each minority. For example, by looking at the past motion pictures and television shows that stared African Americans as unsophisticated young men and women who has impulsive behavior that has been influenced by narcotics and alcohol, and Hispanics eating tacos and listening toRead MoreThe Issue Of Immigration Has Been On The Forefront Major Debates1684 Words   |  7 Pagesthe same traits as their Anglo-Saxon camarades. (Falco) Today, in the twenty-first c entury, Hispanic immigrants ,and others, are also criticized because they are believed to not be assimilating. In fact many like the Samuel P. Huntigton, chairman of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, have voiced that the most serious threat to America’s traditional identity is the immigration of Hispanic immigrants. However, the issue may not stem from these people themselves. The issue andRead MoreThe Latino : Hard Work Essay1470 Words   |  6 PagesThe Latino â€Å"Hard Work† Complex and its Perpetuation in Modern America Immigration is not an unheard of occurrence in the United States. The portrayal of undocumented individuals, however, continues to be an everlasting issue that clouds the nation’s judgement of other cultures. The â€Å"American Dream† has been the notion that propels many undocumented worker’s ambitions and aspirations to relentlessly work hard, especially for those who have immigrated to the United States, but undocumented workersRead MoreThe Minorities Vs. Entertainment War Essay882 Words   |  4 Pagesemerging through the combination of new advancements in technology and has broaden the media and film industries horizons, the entertainment business has opened up the â€Å"opportunity gates† and has taken a turn for many minorities (African Americans, Hispanics, Asian, etc.) to live the dream and be a part of the uncontrollable whirlwind of entertainment. However, in some cases the media does not always shed the best limelight equally for each minority. For example, by looking at the past motion picturesRead MoreRace, Gender, and Ethnic Relations in the United States705 Words   |  3 Pagesthe relevant history and current events may give clues on the future changes and trends. Since the era of Civil Rights Movements in the 1960s, the societys attitude toward women has changed. According to Rosalind Chait Barnett, director of the Community, Families Work Program at Brandeis University, Womens lives today are dramatically different [from] those of their mothers and grandmothers. Women are making choices that will prepare them for longer lives, significant labor force participationRead MoreMedia s Portrayal Of The Black Age Of Media Essay1393 Words   |  6 Pages(Gabrenya 3). The portrayal of the class system has always been underrepresented or over represented since the golden age of media. The question arises what kind of ideas it puts in the minds of viewers about their society? Media plays an important role in developing an image of people from other countries or communities because many people have no personal contact with people from other countries and rely mainly on media for information about them (Harris). Unfortunately, media’s portrayal of differentRead MoreRacial Profiling And The American Civil Liberties Union998 Words   |  4 Pagesblack communities, all for the color of their skin. The practices of police can best be explained in the elaboration of case probability versus class probability. Case probability is when police take specific evidence with concrete proof in regards to the victim of a crime to accuse one of a crime. Class probability, however, is when police generalize normal committers of the specific crime to accuse one for it. For example, if police aimed to prosecute a seller of marijuana and Hispanics wereRead MorePortrayal Of African Americans During The Film The Silent Black And White Movies 2012 Words   |  9 Pagesthat of the portrayal of races through stereotypes in American films that are being made and sold to the public. Since the beginning of the silent black and white movies there have been stereotypes that misrepresent ethnic groups, such as the negative portrayal of African-Americans in minstrel shows. Although these extreme negative racist portrayals have ended, the film industry still insists on adding stereotypes that negativ ely portrays ethnic minorities, such as Asian-Americans, Hispanics-Americans

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

South Island Is A Beautiful Place - 1163 Words

South Padre Island All adults have lives that are filled with some form of stress, even if we don t truly accept the fact. School and work can get really stressful and we often start to feel anxiety about meeting deadlines or pivotal determinations. Everyone can enjoy a vacation from time to time, and for many people the beach signifies relaxation and a great stress free environment. Touring places or doing activities with your family is a great way to forget about work and make great memories. South Padre Island is the perfect getaway you can enjoy with your family and take a break from our everyday routines. A beach vacation is the perfect vacation for couples and families that need to relax and be undisturbed in time together.†¦show more content†¦While fishing on the bay side, also has an amazing view of the island and the long elevated bridge. Another great activity South Padre Island offers is horse back riding on the beach which offers different times of the day you can choose. Horseback riding is fun but what makes it more amazing is you can enjoy it while being on the beach. It is really a great time to enjoy with your family and just ride along the beach hearing the sound of the ocean. One of my other favorite activities that I love to visit every summer when we have the whole family down is Schlitterbahn Waterpark. It has amazing rides for the family to enjoy and cool down on a hot summer day. They recently opened an indoor pool which is really cool just in case you want a take a break from the hot sunny day. South Padre Island also has many tours you can enjoy with your family. Theirs charters that take a couple of groups around the bay and they already know what spots has more dolphins. We took my nieces and nephews to the Dolphin Watch a couple of summers ago and they had an amazing time. Seeing their little faces overjoyed when they would see the dolphins coming up out of the water and making a show for us made me really happy. At one point so many dolphins were making a great show that we took a picture of the whole family and in the background some dolphins were captured. It was beautiful and I m glad we were able to take pictures with the dolphins we can have memories to cherish. Sea

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Downfall of Nokia Empire in Global Market-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Downfall of Nokia Empire in Global Market. Answer: Detail statement of problem This business research is related to the downfall of Nokia. As Nokia was one of the leading company indulged in the business of selling mobile phones. This company beat up the Motorola Company, which launched the first mobile phone in the market. Nokia has seen success, as the mobile phones launched by the company were appreciated by the customers. Later, due to lack of innovation and outdated technology, Nokia began to fall in the market. This place is conquered by the iPhone and other mobile companies. This research will be done to study the reasons behind the fall of such a big and successful company. Research aim, Objectives and research questions Research`s main aim is- To analyze the factors which cause downfall to Nokia empire Researchs objective is to accomplish the aim of research. The main objectives of the research are- To assess the reasons behind failures of Nokia in the global market. To explore consumers preference level in regards to Nokia mobile phones. To recognize the problems as well as issues related to the downfall of Nokia mobile. The primary research question is- What are the issues or problems which caused failure of Nokia? Justification and Potential output of the research Research justification Research has importance in regards to the business purpose. As through the research output, the reasons behind Nokia`s downfall will be accessed. These reasons can be evaluated and considered by the business organizations; so that if they fall in such situation then actions taken by the Nokia could be considered. In addition to this, this research will also be crucial for Nokia to assess the points where they lost and that resulted in their downfall. This research will also be important as the preferences and views of the customers will be assessed through the research, and these preferences can be used by other business organization for their business purpose. Research`s potential output The potential output of the research will be- The reasons behind the failure of Nokia will be one of the outcomes of the research. Reviews of customers about Nokia will also be assessed through the research, hence the customer`s reviews are another potential output. Issues and problems which gave birth to the reasons for Nokia's downfall. Conceptual framework The mobile phone is a portable device. Phones having features like messaging, email, MMS, text, video games etc. are known as a smartphone. According to international communication, 90% of the population of the world has access to mobile phones. This device has completely changed since its inception. World's first mobile phone was made by an engineer of Motorola Company in the year 1973. Its weight was around 1.1kg, 30 minutes of talk time was available, time took to charging was 6 hours and was also very high in cost as compared to today`s phones. First commercial mobile for sale was Motorola Dyna TAC 800. This device has brought both good and bad influence on our life. Nowadays mobile phones have become an integral part of our life. We cannot suppose to live without and are incomplete. It is a good source of entertainment, study, learning etc. WPA phones offer many features like a recorder, gaming, camera, internet which is really a very good improvement in the mobile technology(Un gson Wong, 2014). It has become very easy for a businessman to communicate with the employees, staff about the progress of the project, work etc. from sitting home. Employees also remain in contactwith the main office regarding any query which helps in Solving the problems, efficient working, and productivity. Using this they can reach to the customers on the phone which helps inproviding good services also helps in coloration with whole staff when away from office or home. It really helps in- Contact with friends, family members. In entertaining us and keeping in touch with all other activities of the world. In daily work like booking a car, making payments through inline wallets and various other apps that are available online. It is very convenient to carry as a means of entertainment compared to big ones like to TV, radio, etc. Provides safety in case of emergency. Helps in finding the right path, if you are lost; through navigation system in mobiles and through GPS. It is a device (smart) developed in keeping in mind the needs and convenience of the people. But regular use of mobile for any person is very dangerous for the health. Excessive use of this electronic device may cause an issue for the eyes vision, headache, and also the fingers. It also emits radiation, which is very harmful to our health. We are not able to focus on our work. It distracts us on a large scale. Nowadays children arevery fond of this device. They are not interested in playing the outdoor game they are more interestedin game which is available online on their mobiles and other electronic devices. This has resulted in theless development of childrencompared to childrens who play an outdoor game. The physical development is adversely affected(Mitomo, Fuke, Bohlin, 2015). They like to remain alone and are not interested in other things. Better and proper use of mobile can be very useful and boon for human life but if we use it only for gaming and time passing than its result will be harmful Nokia has manufactured the different types of mobile so by producing the very good mobiles phone due to this Nokia always remains in the market. In the earlier days when there is boom of Motorola mobile phone at that time Nokia introduced a mobile phone with very smart features like smart appearance, clear sound, having a big screen and also having the facilities of scrolling text menu mobile phone as a result of it Nokia have gained the record sales and the whole world start knowing the Nokia. Nokia is progressing day by day in 1992, Nokia has launched first GSM mobile known as 1011, after that in 1996 Nokia has launched the series phone 6110 having the big features of long durable battery power. In 1998 Nokia coming with worlds first metal texture mobile phone N8810. As a result of it, the production quantity of Nokias mobile phone increased day by day and it reached to 1 billion and cross the Motorola and became the largest mobile company in mobiles(Bates, 2014). Nokia has become the first producer to involve the changing case theory to the world. As a result of this changing case theory, Nokia products has become the fashion trends and also introduced the new phone in the market which suits the public fashionable trends known as Nokia 5100. In addition to this Nokia working on the new technology so as a result of it Nokia has launched the first mobile phone having the features of games can be played on the mobile and also having the features of WAP along this Nokia laun ched the first slide mobile phone even more new technology Nokia introducing day by day. In the year 2002 Nokia has introduced the first color screen phone which also includes the camera with good picture quality. In 2005, Nokia changed its production`s name. The company introduced three smartphones that were N70, N90, and N91. All these were smartphones Based in Symbian S60 system. These Nokia smartphones were quite popular in the market. Nokia has broken all record and in 2006, till now Nokia has launched many mobile phones such as 6030, 5200, N73, N93. E60 etc. after that in the year, 2008 new introduced the first touch mobiles. In the same year, Nokia also introduced the slides phones. Day by day Nokia launching the phones and introduced the N8 having the 12 megapixels camera mobile phones(Ungson Wong, 2014). After 2010 Nokia fails to provide the service of classic phone and fall down. As a result of it, Nokia has come back with the windows phone and made a tie-up with windows and start developed phones together with windows and with the help of this Nokia launched the windows phone known as Nokia Lumia. Nokia is facing many problems and the more problems occur when the Android has come, and then I phone come Nokia has completely fallen down. Nokia is always a big support of Symbian system. But the IT experts examine that the Symbian and system having the so many problems, lack of flexibility and also having the problem while connecting with social networking services. So many problems are there while using Nokia phone it is too low-pitched while Apple and Palm is a tough competitor for Nokia. As a result of it people of US do not buy Nokia and only a few countries Nokia is popular such as China, Europe, and India etc. The main reason behind Nokia phone is a high price, Steady and routine and selecting the wrong system due to this it falls downwards. In addition to this Nokia always satisfy the consumer needs and try their best to satisfy the needs of the consumers. Nokia always does research over the 100 countries to know the changes occurs in the consumer's needs and according to them do changes(Martnez-Lpez, 2015). Now a day Apple has been launched and the Apple viewpoint is let the world follow me. Although the Nokia is working in hard disks and also having the god battery power only these two things do not satisfy the customers and in the software technology Nokia is going down not satisfying the needs of the customers and even not developing the technology according to the needs of the customers or according to the market trends(Mitomo, Fuke, Bohlin, 2015). So that according to the changes people want a good system by that people can be satisfying and must be fast and easy to use and the features must be unique at the same time mobile having the camera, games, MP3, MP4 and even the design of mobile phones also attracts the people. A very good example taken from I phone, I phone has become the fashion for the youth and seniors and having the high and new technology and always do some new innovations so people attract and the Nokia always focusing on the senior's people and not paying attention towards youth and no innovative done. The main reason of the failure of Nokia is because of I phone is coming, and even people think failure is because of not understanding the needs of customers and also not having the service of 3g. The failure of Nokia is not the I phone, the Nokia is working and also successful in last 15 years the failure is failing in the making the strategy and even not having any rules and not think so much about what changes can happen to the market and even the rules can be changed and also not pay attention towards the fashion style of the people changes day by day(Ghuman,, 2010). When the iPhone was launched, Nokia does not think about developing the market, not satisfying the customers; did not think about the market trends; not tried to produce the better and new technology product for the customers as a result of it failure comes down and the Nokia loss their leadership in the market. Research Methodology This research is will be done through following the mixed research methodology. As this research will have both qualitative and quantities measures. The research methodology that will be followed to complete the study is discussed below: Sampling technique- Convenient sampling technique is going to be approached to collect the primary data. Sample- The number of samples for the study will be 500. Data collection- Both the sources will be approached for data collection. Primary data- The primary sources, which will be approached for the collection of data are- observation and interview. Both the sources of primary data collection are going to be approached to gather the relevant data(Bates, 2014). Secondary data- It will also be required for the study. The data related to Nokia's sales as well as the articles and journals will be accessed to gather the data. Data analysis- Qualitative data will be analyzed with the help of expert`s advice; whereas the quantitative data will be analyzed through statistical mean( Kuada, 2012). Organization of the study The chapters of the research will be organized in the manner given below: Chapter 1will be regarding the research study which has been defined and been marked in the starting of the assignment/ project. Chapter 2will make you know about the hindrances regarding the project. In this main problems will be discussed at length. Chapter 3 is about the principal aims and objectives of the research and also the questions related to the research. Chapter 4, will tell you about the importance of the research whether is justified or not for the different users for research. Chapter 5, in this information regarding the outcome of the research project will be displayed in a descriptive manner. Chapter 6 descriptive descriptions about the business activities will be written and also the literature review will be shown in the chapter. Chapter 7, it will make you know in detail, the methods adopted for undertaking the researc Project Budget Activities Expenses Justification of expenses Conceptual framework or literature review $ 650 The literature review is used for the research, and also needs for examine the reviewed articles and also published articles these both needs for the organizations such as Nokia. In this, if the material is required for the literature review $650 will be incurred. Preparation of questionnaire for interview $800 The questionnaire is needed for the research and will be prepared by the experts and charge of $800 will be taken by the experts for preparing the Questionnaire. Observation of business activities $650 Collecting the data from a different source in context to business activities of organizations will cost $650. Data analysis $2200 Data can be examined after that charts and tables are prepared and software is also needed to examine the statistical data and for this process cost of $2200 is charged. Total estimated budget for the research project $ 4300 For complete the project budget is necessary. The budget must be estimated. There is always some difference can be there is the estimated budget and the real cost might vary for the budget for executing a research project. Project Schedule Activities Starting date of Activity Ending date of Activity Total duration for completion of activities (in days) Detailed Problem Statement 4 September, 2017 6 September, 2017 3 Research aim, objective and question 7 September 2017 11 September 2017 5 Justification of the project 12 September 2017 17 September 2017 6 Potential outcome of research 18 September, 2017 20 September, 2017 3 Conceptual Framework 21 September, 2017 27 September, 2017 7 Research Methodology 28 September, 2017 30 September, 2017 3 Total days for accomplishing activities - - 27 days References Boeije, H. R. (2009). Analysis in Qualitative Research. SAGE Publications. Bougie, ., Sekaran, U. (2016). Research Methods For Business: A Skill Building Approach. Wiley. Creswell, J. (2014). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. SAGE. Engel, U., Jann, B., Lynn, . (2014). Improving Survey Methods: Lessons from Recent Research. Routledge. . Kuada, J. (2012). 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The Smart Revolution Towards the Sustainable Digital Society. Edward Elgar Publishing. Ungson, G., Wong, .-Y. (2014). Global Strategic Management. Routledge.